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Frequently asked questions

1. Who is Mi Pais?

Mi Pais is a charitable organization that specializes in providing community resources to anyone who needs them. We hope to be the bridge for individuals, specifically immigrants who are new to the way of the U.S, so that they can have the tools to succeed.

2.  What kind of content is allowed on MiPais.org

Typical content includes rental postings or other employment opportunities, , job listings, local events or workshops, resources, local business opportunities or resources, community groups. Feel free to post things that are helpful to your specific situation or as you see necessary. You never know how you can be of help to others.

3. Can posts be deleted?

Yes. Mi Pais reserves the right to delete any posts that are deemed inappropriate or harmful to our website. Posts that are illegal, encourages violence, threatens, or that harrases will be deleted.

4. Someone is asking for my financial information or asking to send/transfer them money?

PLEASE AVOID SCAMS! Never send/give/receive money to/from someone that you have not met in person. DO NOY receive cashier checks or money orders, DO NOT trust someone who is not willing to meet in person. DO NOT give your financial or legal information to anyone online!

5. What if someone posts my personal information on your website without my consent?

If this happens, please contact our office immediately at info@mipais.org.

6. What if I am looking for a resource that is not on the website?

Fell free to contact info@mipais.org with any questions you have, and if we can help you, we will!